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Need to Surrender your Boxer?

We will be happy to help you.

Surrendering a pet is never easy. But we are boxer lovers and we understand. We love the breed and know how they can be a handful to raise, care for, and manage the bills on. But we are here to help you. We can take your loved pet into our rescue and we care for it like it was our own. Our dogs don't go into kennels or pens. They live in houses with families and other boxers (if compatible). 906-863-2045

Have a medical needs pet? can't afford to get your loving boxer the care he/she needs? Contact us! Please don't put him/her down until you talk to us, we might be able to take your dog into rescue (surrender) and save its life! Then find a loving home in the future for the special needs of him/her. :) 906-863-2045

NOTE: If your dog has bitten someone, please know that we do not offer any type of surrender options for such dogs. Our insurance policy strictly forbids us from knowingly taking on any bite / aggressive dogs. Thank you.

Have a puppy born with a disability? Contact us! We deal with all kinds of issues from cleft palate, to limbs, heart, brain issues. Don't rush to put the pup down! Call us! 906-863-2045

So please. send us an email at info@fortheloveofaboxer.org and lets talk about your needs and what's got you to this point. Maybe we can help. We'd love to try. 906-863-2045