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We are always in need of loving foster homes for our rescues.

When you provide a foster home for a rescued boxer, you will give:

  • A boxer in need the help he/she needs to make the adjustment from living as a stray on the streets or alone in a shelter to re-adjusting to a family home environment.
  • A sense of home, familiarity and security that the dog has lost due a variety of circumstances that brought him/her into rescue.
  • Someone to love them, even if it is for a short time. They have lost all that was home to them.
  • The direction and training that he/she needs to become more adoptable and live happily inside a family's home.
  • An understanding of the dog's needs to help him/her find the best forever home so this dog is never abandoned or unwanted again.
  • A crate or other means of safe confinement for those times that you must be away from your foster boxer.
  • Dog food, toys, collar and leash. (tags provided by RSBR), and transportation to and from the vet (vet bills paid by RSBR - all appts MUST BE APPROVED by RSBR)
  • Love, love and more love! In return, you will experience the love and gratitude that only a rescue dog can give.

Fostering a rescue boxer is not a trial adoption. If you are unsure as to whether or not you want to adopt a rescue boxer -- please do some soul-searching, research the boxer breed and educate yourself about about the special needs of rescue dogs/puppies/seniors.

Click the following link to open our online fill-able foster form in a new window:

Foster Application