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About Boxers and Bostons!

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For The Love of a Boxer Rescue & Sanctuary

We could no longer sit by and watch perfectly beautiful boxers be sold on Craig's List or Facebook, abandoned in shelters, dumped by their owners; risking their futures as breeding stock or end up as bait dogs. We stepped up from assisting in another rescue to rescuing these dogs ourselves in 2013. We pride ourselves on offering all of these rescues a loving facility, training, and rehabilitation to become a healthy boxer again!

In 2016 puppy mill dogs being sold at auction became our #1 priority.  

We will NOT ALLOW this beloved breed to be sold to other breeders to live in cages as puppy machines! We WILL SAVE them from this HELL ON EARTH no matter what their age, their health, or their temperament. These dogs, never knowing a loving touch, kind word, or soft bed and they have become our main mission in rescue.

We WILL CONTINUE to WIN THEIR FREEDOM and rehab their lives until they ALL HAVE LOVING homes.


And this is why we say............All for the LOVE of a Boxer!

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The Sanctuary is located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  (Wallace, MI 49893)

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