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Ways to Help....... DONATE or SPONSOR

We understand that not everyone can adopt a boxer, but we also understand that many want to help!

Our organization operates 100% on public donations.  From the food our dogs eat, to the medical costs to make them healthy......every dog relies on our funding in order to become a ready-to-adopt pet.



A Good Diet is Key!

Nutritional quality is important for growing bodies and maintaining proper energy & health. Boxers thrive on high quality protein rich food with vitamins.

Playing Makes Us Hungry!

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Help Us Be Healthy!

Immediate vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm & tick borne disease testing, monthly heartworm prevention, monthly flea/tick prevention & bloodwork.

Sponsor Wellness



We Love to Play Outside!

Installation cost is approximately 50% of the total bill of the fence.   This is a very large job, installing almost 1,000 feet of chain-link!

Let Us Play!



Donate Any Amount
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I Need You!

Sponsoring a dog puts your funding directly to a dog on our website that is in need.

Sponsor dogs can be either puppy mill survivors or special medical needs dogs we take in to be treated and recover at The Sanctuary, located in Wallace, Michigan. 

Sponsorship donations go directly toward the dog's vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm & tick-borne disease testing, monthly heartworm prevention, monthly flea/tick prevention and any other medical expenses that boxer has encountered (for example: tumor removal, pathology, bloodwork, heartworm treatment, manage, etc.)

And when you sponsor a dog, your donation ties you to that dog forever, you helped save a life and find him or her a forever home!

Have Direct Impact!

Thank you for helping us fulfill our dream & secure the futures of these magnificent Boxers!
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