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Ways to Help....... DONATE or SPONSOR


We understand that not everyone can adopt a boxer.......but we also understand that many want to help!

Our organization operates 100% on public donations.  From the food our dogs eat, to the medical costs to make them healthy......every dog relies on our funding in order to become a ready-to-adopt pet.

But our dogs experience more time in foster homes than other rescue dogs our puppy mill survivors have never been pets.  They have never known a kind human touch, or a gentle loving voice.  They were animals kept in cages, bred over and over, never experiencing a normal dog's life.  


Everyday things, like windows, mirrors, ceiling fans, televisions.......all simple things in your home, are terrifying to puppy mill dogs.  Just learning to lay on a soft dog bed, versus a hard surface floor, can take a mill dog weeks to acclimate to. :(  Many of our mill dogs remain in foster for months before ready to join a forever family in a home.

Not only do we accept open donations for the operation of our rescue and Sanctuary, but we also allow you to "Sponsor" a dog.  Sponsoring a dog puts your funding directly to a dog on our website that is in need.

Sponsor dogs can be either puppy mill survivors or special medical needs dogs we take in to be treated and recover at The Sanctuary, located in Wallace, Michigan. 

Sponsorship donations go directly towards that dog's vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm & tick borne disease testing, monthly heartworm prevention, monthly flea/tick prevention and any other medical expenses that boxer has encountered (for example:  tumor removal, pathology, bloodwork, heartworm treatment, mange etc.)

And when you sponsor a dog, your donation ties you to that dog forever, knowing that you helped save a life and find him/her a forever home!

You can find boxers to Sponsor in the AVAILABLE BOXERS tab. 


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