$10 - 2 Post Caps

Each galvanized post requires a cap on top for protection & safety.  We need 60 sets these caps.

$25 - 7' Fence Post

Each galvanized post is 7 feet long.  2 feet in the ground, and 5 feet above ground.  We need 120 of these posts.

$100 - 10 Feet of Chainlink

1000 feet of chainlink is required to complete our fence.  

$350 - Walkthru Gate

Walkthru gates are 4' wide.  We need 5 of these gates.

$500 - Lawnmower Gate

Lawnmower gates are double wide with center pin security.  We need 5 of these gates.

Any $ Amount - Installation Cost

Installation cost is approximately 50% of the total bill of the fence.    This is a very large job, installing almost 1,000 feet of chainlink!


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